• Jordan Fears-Neal

If This Isn’t Happening - Kiss The Grants Goodbye

Why Strategy Equals Success

When I tell people my background started in grant writer, it’s as if I walk around with a dollar sign over my head. However, if I lead with “I’m a nonprofit strategist,” I usually see people running for the hills. Why is it that we seem to always care about the reward more than what it takes to get the reward?

Grant writing seems to bring music to people’s ear, but it should be the other way around. Strategy is the piece that drives the organization forward. Without clear direction, measurable goals, identified outcomes, an active donor base, and a solidified, advocating board, your organization might as well kiss the grants goodbye.

What excites us at Megaluno, is the strategy to get your organization prepared for the strongest grant writing program. Grant writing is not the silver bullet to pull your organization out of a tight spot or get quick funding. Foundation giving takes time just like any other donor relationship.

Think about it: You wouldn’t go up to a stranger on the street and ask them for $10,000 for your organization just like you shouldn’t a foundation. Well, if you’re desperate, you might. But that’s this cycle needs to be broken.

"Many organizations struggle to break free from the reactive mindset and moving into a more proactive one."

We’re here to change that. Operating in integrity and transparency are two of the most significant components of a grant program. While it may seem helpful to send out fluff numbers that are often “rounded up” because hey, at least your sending something out...foundations know when this takes place. The reason it happens so often: there aren’t clearly defined goals, outputs, and outcomes for the organization

Before adding grants to your organization’s development plan, bring your team together to define your logic model clearly, or sometimes called a theory of change model.

While this process takes time upfront, it will save your organizations hundreds of hours down as you’re able to clearly define your priorities and outcomes to donors, foundations, and program partners.

Are you ready to get aligned? Our team would love to help your organization develop and implement logic models for your programs. Contact us today!


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