Megaluno - To make great, to increase in vision, to give glory. 



Megaluno Consulting bases its work on four pillars: accountability, collaboration, transparency, and integrity.

Megaluno comes from the Greek word "Megaluno", which means, "To make great, to deem great, to celebrate, to give glory and praise."

For us, the work goes deeper than the client and consultant relationship. Our passion is to bring out the best in each company we work with - no matter the size, no matter the budget. We invest our time and resources to help make each organization shine.

While many consultants are focused on the bottom line, we're focused on the bigger picture - how are we making a difference in our communities using our unique gifts?

Started by Jordan Fears-Neal at the age of 26, Megaluno Consulting has worked with over 40 organizations and businesses around the world.


Our work with nonprofits includes those focusing their efforts in education, employment, veterans, human trafficking, homeless services, transitional housing, foster care/adoption, international issues, food services, addiction and recovery, health, and more. We've helped raise millions of dollars, started hundreds of projects started, and watch as communities thrive. 

Our work with for-profit companies includes strategic planning, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy, program development, marketing, and campaign creation and management.