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Megaluno comes from the Greek word "Megaluno", which means, "To make great, to magnify, to enlarge, to give glory and praise."

For us, the work goes deeper than the client and consultant relationship. Our passion is to bring out the best in each company we work with, leaving it better than we found it. We invest our time and resources to help make each organization shine. We're committed to doing the difficult work so your team can operate in their Zone of Genius.

We're focused on the bigger picture - how are we making a difference in our communities using our unique talents and strengths? How are we collaborating with organizations and programs to increase our impact? 

Founded by Jordan Fears-Neal, Megaluno Consulting guides and teaches organizations how to increase their vision and magnify their impact.

Our mission is to help companies and individuals increase their vision and magnify their impact.

Our vision is to build stronger, more effective companies, programs, and people through comprehensive strategies, fundraising, and coaching.


In 2016, Megaluno's Founder Jordan Fears-Neal left the full-time nonprofit world to create a company that filled the gap for organizations in need of strategy, fundraising, and grant writing services. Her goal was simple - use her skills to make a greater impact than working at just one organization. 


Over the last six years, Megaluno has grown into a full-service company that houses Megaluno Consulting, The Fundraising School, and Shineee, LLC. We've worked with organizations all over the world and continue our focus on creating accessible solutions that lead to long-term impact and sustainability. We believe that by connecting organizations and resources to one another we can achieve a greater impact in and for our communities.


We provide step-by-step, customized solutions that empower and assist companies and organizations in creating clear, timely, and actionable strategic plans; increase team buy-in with DE&I Strategies; and provide Strengths-Based Leadership and team coaching to help teams feel empowered to use their talents instead of focusing on weaknesses. The Fundraising School hosts courses and workshops created by Founder Jordan Fears-Neal and her years of experience in Strategic Planning, Nonprofit Management, Grant Management, Impact Strategy, DEI Strategy, and work as a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. 


We're not just strategists; we're bridge-building strategists; we're innovative mapmakers, and perceptive-troubleshooters. 


We have big dreams. But dreams have to begin with action. Over the next three years, we're committed to increasing our partnerships with Minority and Women-Owned Enterprises, we're passionate about investing in our communities by creating cross-sector partnerships, and investing in increasing access to high-quality training with valuable tools and resources for teams internationally. We have a goal to implement strength-based leadership and coaching at 50 teams by 2025. We believe in the power of people. 

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