Our mission is to strengthen communities by advocating for nonprofits in the areas of organizational strategy, fundraising, and grant writing services.

Our Mission;
Why WE write;

Megaluno was founded to help organizations and companies bring clarity and focus to their mission by implementing strategies that will help increase donor advocacy, expand your programs, and create lasting, long-term change. Our work in the areas of organizational strategy, fundraising strategy, and grant writing help the efforts of nonprofits in all areas of work including education, employment, veterans, human trafficking, homeless services, transitional housing, foster care/adoption, international issues, addiction and recovery, health, and more. 


As a result of our work, we create a shift in the culture of nonprofits through our four pillars of accountability, collaborationtransparency, and integrity. We help each client better understand the world of fundraising, provide services that support the organization's mission, and "teach them to fish" using the tools we've provided. 


To live out the three pillars of our company, Megaluno Consulting works as advocates for our clients, partnering with them as both volunteers and monthly donors. We believe we are best at our jobs when we model our job to our clients. Our team consists of contractors passionate about spreading their talents to multiple nonprofits and helping them touch the lives of those in their programs or receiving their services. 

  1. To make great, magnify


  2. To deem or declare great

    a. to esteem highly, to extol, laud, celebrate


    3. To give glory and praise

Our long-term plan;

Our long-term goal is to work as a conduit between community organizations, businesses, and individuals providing a place to engage, collaborate, learn and build stronger communities together.  


By connecting organizations and resources to one another, we can make an even greater impact. We are excited to partner with organizations that are committed to changing the world! 



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