Megaluno - To make great, to increase in vision, to give glory. 



Megaluno comes from the Greek word "Megaluno", which means, "To make great, to magnify, to enlarge, to give glory and praise."

For us, the work goes deeper than the client and consultant relationship. Our passion is to bring out the best in each company we work with - no matter the size, no matter the budget. We invest our time and resources to help make each organization shine.

Instead of focusing on the bottom line, we're focused on the bigger picture - how are we making a difference in our communities using our unique gifts? How are we collaborating with organizations and programs to increase our impact?

Started by Jordan Fears-Neal at the age of 26, Megaluno Consulting guides and teaches organizations how to increase their vision and magnify their impact.

Our mission is to train and partner with those committed to ending systemic issues in our communities using our time, resources, and expertise.

We envision a community of people pooling together their collective resources, talent, opportunities, and experiences to empower one another and eradicate the scarcity mindset.


Our work with for-profit and nonprofits includes those focusing their efforts on systemic issues - think poverty, homelessness, racism, drug addiction, prison reform, women's equality, and more. We've helped raise millions of dollars, started hundreds of projects, and watch as communities thrive. 

We provide strategic planning, fundraising, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategy, and teaching and training through our online education portal - The Fundraising School.