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People leave leadership, not companies.
Let's change that.

Strengths-Based Team Coaching

What if your team had a way to speak a common language?

Finding and retaining top talent is only possible when we invest in our people. According to the most recent data collected by Gallup, individuals who invest in Strengths-based work at 6x as likely to be engaged in their job and 6x as likely to strongly agree they have the opportunity to do what they do best every day. When managers know their people and people are known by their managers, teams can communicate and contribute in powerful ways.

If you're looking for a way to invest in your people that pays dividends not only in their personal development but in your team productivity, engagement, and retention - Strengths-Based Team Coaching is for you. 

If you're tired of taking assessments that only create barrier labels instead of positive ways to engage and interact - Strengths-Based Team Coaching is for you.

Tired of losing top talent because they don't feel seen? This approach is for you. 


What is Strengths-Based Development?

Everyone has unique talents. But when we invest in our talents these become Strengths - things we do consistently with near-perfect performance. 

What if you knew what everyone on your team did naturally? What if you knew a team member thrived in getting things done and checking off a task list but struggled to brainstorm ideas for team projects? 

Strengths-Based Team Coaching allows us to take a look at the whole team and learn how each player shows up and interacts with the world around them. It gives us a framework for placing people in positions that allow them to excel and use their natural abilities to achieve personal and team success. 


The true beauty of strengths - they don't operate in a vacuum. There are no negative themes and differences are advantages in strengths-based teams. Each person's talents are unique but can also be paired to create dynamic impact and collaboration on your team you didn't know possible.

Employees who receive
strengths-based development have:


higher employee engagement


increased performance


lower attrition

*According to Gallup's most recent research.

We use a three-part framework for Strengths Coaching and Team Development Work:

Name It - Getting to each team member's unique strengths themes and understanding what they mean.


Claim It - Learning how to claim these unique strengths and apply them to everyday life and work, even their current positions. You'd be amazed at the hidden gems of talents and strengths on your team.

Aim It - For teams, once we've named and claimed the talents we look at how to apply them to a current team goal(s).

How Does it Work?


All Team Members Complete StrengthsFinders Assessment including the Full 34 Strengths for team members and Strengths Assessment for Managers for Team leads. 


1:1 Manager Coaching - We'll move through our coaching framework to understand each manager's strengths and how to utilize them to engage their teams.


Team Member 1:1 Coaching: It's important that every team member feels heard and supported. We complete at least one coaching call with every team member to engage them in understanding their Strengths themes.


Team Coaching - We'll complete a minimum of (4) four team coaching sessions where we'll help your team understand how to appreciate and engage with one another in positive ways that improve team performance and employee engagement. 


Ready to invest in your team's talents?

Jordan Fears-Neal, Megaluno Consulting's Founder and President is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. She's spent the last six years using Strengths both internally at her company and with her clients to maximize effectiveness. 

Jordan's Top 5 Strengths:


All Strengths Coaching and Strengths-Based Development is completed through Shineee, LLC a company of Megaluno Consulting. 

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