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Chances are, you've thought of strategic planning all wrong.

Creating effective roadmaps

Do your employees know your strategic initiatives?

What if everyone in your organization knew their role and took ownership of their part in achieving your goals and metrics? What if employees, program participants, leadership, donors, or even key stakeholders knew where the mission and the plan to get there? Strategic plans are no longer hidden documents filed away by company executives with the "hope" its goals are achieved. 

Strategic plans should be shared. By everyone, in every way. Strategic plans should function as a roadmap for your organization to successfully reach its mission and vision.

Megaluno takes strategic planning seriously. We believe baby steps that set you up are better than big steps that set you back. Even the most well-intended organizations will fail if the proper steps aren't taken to ensure you're measuring and evaluating your progress and results. 

Tired of strategic plans that look pretty but struggle to get off the ground?  We have the solution for you. 


Why is Strategic Planning Important?

  • It provides a single, cohesive forward-focused vision that informs day-to-day and year-to-year activities

  • It helps evaluate progress to ensure you're making the right decisions 

  • Provides clear language to compare actual performance with intended goals

  • It gives employees, participants, customers, donors, leadership - and everyone who interacts with your organization - a way to clearly articulate the path forward

  • It's an ongoing process - not a one-time effort


of executive leadership teams spend less than one hour per month discussing strategy.


spend no time at all on strategy efforts.


of a company's employees don't understand its strategy.

Megaluno's Approach

Strategic Planning +Strengths-Based Team Development

We believe the best strategies are carried out by teams with members that know their strengths and how to aim their collective talents to achieve the company's vision and objectives. Strengths don't operate in a vacuum - differences are advantages. We'll help your team show up and take charge as a cohesive unit.

When teams are coached to operate in their strengths, it creates buy-in and ownership, which leads to increased employee engagement and successful strategy implementation. It's a win-win. 


How Does it Work?


All Team Members Complete the StrengthsFinders Assessment Full 34 Report to better understand team dynamics and uncover individual talents and Strengths. 


Research + Audits + Assessments (Phase 1) - We'll create the timelines and framework in addition to collecting background/environmental scans of the company in addition to audit assessments and templates designed by Megaluno. 


Strategy Creation (Phase 2) - During this phase, and depending on the selection you choose, we'll compile all of the information collected during Phase 1 to inform the strategy creation. We'll facilitate workgroups and analyze metrics identified by the organization


 Strategy Completion and Implementation (Phase 3)  - This phase is focused on finalizing the strategy and facilitating approval and hand-off. At this point, our team moves month-to-month for follow-ups and accountability or to address major issues that might arise. 


Jordan Fears-Neal, Megaluno Consulting's Founder and President is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. She's spent the last five years using Strengths both internally at her company and with her clients to maximize effectiveness. 

Ready to invest in your team's talents?

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