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Meet the People

In order to teach teams about strengths, we first have to know our own. Our internal team is led by strengths-based leadership and encourages personal and professional development both on and off the clock. All team members are coached and encouraged to name and claim their strengths while continuously learning to aim them at their goals. At Megaluno, we don't believe in weaknesses. Instead, we see what we do have a create strengths-led solutions to carry out our work. 


Jordan Fears-Neal
Founder and CEO


Jordan graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism - Public Relations and has spent the last 12 years helping organizations tell their story through strategic planning and logic model development, fundraising, DE&I strategy, and program planning and evaluation. A Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, Jordan's creativity - mashed with her talent for strategy and analysis - creates a fresh and exciting combination empowering organizations, teams, and individuals to increase their vision and magnify their impact. 


Jordan started Megaluno to multiply her love for helping organizations build strong foundations and create long-term sustainability. Since 2016, Jordan has gone on to start Shineee, LLC the coaching arm of Megaluno, and The Fundraising School, LLC, the online education and training portion of Megaluno giving access to our courses to organizations worldwide.  

When she’s not at her computer writing and strategizing, you can usually find her hidden behind a good book, chasing her toddler, or outside planting in her garden. 

Ursula Allen 2.png

Ursula Allen is a native of Detroit, Michigan.  Raised by a single mother, Ursula's role as a "Big Sister" to her seven siblings was made stronger.   At a young age, she was on a mission to never let anything or anyone get her down. With her faith and trust in God, she knew she could be and do anything to which she set her mind.  She attended Michigan Christian College in pursuit of a degree in Business Administration and Finance.  She has worked in various corporate management positions.


Ursula maintains a full schedule and still finds time to volunteer and serve her community.  Part of Ursula’s goal and objective to help others seize the reality of their dreams is met by providing business consultation and administrative services.  With 27 years in accounting and tax preparation and 20 years of corporate management, she has garnered a wealth of experience and puts it to the service of informing, helping and educating others wherever she sees the need. Ursula provides her contracting services to organizations and businesses in multiple industries. 

Ursula Allen
Project Manager


Tyra J. Brown is the proud Founder and CEO of The Posh Organization, a ​CERTIFIED Women and Minority Owned Business​ ​Enterprise serving​ Posh Brands and Female CEO’s. Specializing in premium executive concierge services, Tyra has been affectionately called the linchpin to numerous successful female-owned businesses. She is a self-proclaimed Queen of everything Posh, administrative and advertising enthusiasts, and professional organizer. A native of Baltimore Maryland, Tyra obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Business Management with a minor in Marketing through matriculation at HBCU, Clark Atlanta University and finishing at Strayer University in Atlanta, GA.

Tyra Johnson-Brown

Executive Assistant


A Hoosier at heart, Maggie was raised in the Midwest but completed her education at Gordon College on the East Coast. After studying International Affairs and French, she served at a women's rehabilitation center in Romania, cementing a passion for the work of justice and advocacy. Most recently, she worked with International Justice Mission in Manila, Philippines, in their fight against the online sexual exploitation of children. She is excited to participate in Megaluno's model of intentionality and empowerment. She comes from a wild family of eight kids and if you need her, she's most likely blogging or hanging out with her family's Highland cows!

Maggie Mcmillan
Project Manager


Originally from Birmingham, AL, Candace has spent the last ten years in Indianapolis, serving in a variety of roles in the nonprofit community. In that time, she has cultivated a passion for effectively resourcing individuals and organizations to do the work that they love. A proud graduate of the University of Alabama, Candace is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University. She looks forward to creating thriving environments for nonprofit leaders and staff.

On the weekends you can find her out for brunch with friends or on the worship team at her church. A southern belle at heart, she is solidifying her Hoosier status with every snowy winter.

Candace Jones

Project Manager

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