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Grant writing isn't your silver bullet.
It's the cherry on top.

Diversified Fundraising Strategies for Successful Nonprofits

Here's a hint, grant writing shouldn't be your starting place.

When our company started, we had a heavy emphasis on grant writing. We were known for it, and still are known by many organizations for our success in winning proposals. However, after two years of doing this work, we found that over 85% of nonprofits that came to us weren't prepared to build a successful grant program.

Grant writing is not your silver bullet to funding. In fact, it should be one of the final strategies added to your fundraising plan. 

We focus on crafting strong foundations for organizations that create sustainable and effective impact. This means helping organizations identify ways to diversify their revenue streams and build advocates giving their time and money.

Megaluno's Fundraising Services:

  • Donor Strategy

  • Major Gifts Planning

  • Foundation Strategy

  • Grant Writing:

    • Grant Sponsorship​

    • Grant Assistant 

    • Grant Management 

Ready to
create something sustainable?

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