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The work you do, magnified. 


Over the years, we’ve learned people leave leadership, not companies. At Megaluno, we believe in focusing on the individual first – disrupting the way they see and utilize their unique strengths in order to create successful, measurable, and impactful strategies. A strategy is only as powerful as the team entrusted to carry it out.

Megaluno provides strategic planning and logic model development services, DEI strategy and implementation, and Strengths-based leadership and team coaching.

Our work is fueled by the desire to create strategies that prove each client’s impact, while also building teams that operate in their Strengths and providing everyone a seat at the table.

We have a goal to reach 50 teams with Strengths-Based leadership and team development by 2025.


Greatness begins with strategy. The best businesses and nonprofits in the world achieve their success from well-thought-out and deliberate strategies. But we also know, strategies are only as good as the plan to achieve them. We combine our years of experience in creating strategic plans with Strengths-Based Team Development to not only create the plan but assist you in understanding how to utilize your team's talents and strengths to implement the plan.

People leave leadership, not companies. When we invest in people's talents we increase employee engagement and satisfaction as well discover the ways in which your team shows up on projects and how to lead with positive intent. Work with a certified Gallup Strengths Coach to create a customized Strengths-Based development strategy for your team. 

We've crafted a library of teaching and training courses through Teachable taught by Megaluno's Founder, Jordan Fears-Neal, and guest lecturers. From Logic Model Development to Grant Writing to Program Evaluation, our courses provide you with the tools and resources you need to create programs with impact.



"Elevate worked with Jordan and the Megaluno Consulting team for a long time to build the foundation of our impact strategies and grant program. Their work is extremely professional, competent, thorough, provides outstanding counsel, attentive to details on timing and requirements for grants and strategic planning. I have ZERO reservations about recommending and endorsing Megaluno Consulting."

Jim Schaffer, Former President - Elevate Indianapolis

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