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Customized strategy solutions 

Creating effective roadmaps

When deciding on the type of solution for your company, it's important to think about the role you want Megaluno to play in the overall workload and heavy lifting. Take some time to consider how much you'll need the support of our team as strategic planning consultants.

The three models of our strategic planning work:

  • Megaluno as the Facilitator

  • Megaluno as Planners 

  • Megaluno as Planners and Facilitators 


We facilitate the planning process and a core group within your company does the work. We provide: structure, tools, templates, and oversee the project management. 

Your company's core group is responsible for completing the environmental scan and drafting the final strategy. 

This solution is the least expensive option as it requires a greater deal of heavy lifting and hours from your work group. 

Planners + Facilitators

This hybrid approach allows your company to partner with Megaluno's team and is our most popular package. We provide a custom proposal with three options for work delegation between your workgroup and our team.

We find this approach to be the most successful as it partners our strategic expertise with your company's insight and creates buy-in and great long-term sustainability.

When we use this approach, you'll be provided with three solutions - Megaluno, Gold, and Silver - based on work-share delegation. 


This model means that Megaluno will provide the majority of the legwork conducting the environmental scan, preparing the team retreat and the writing and follow-up of the strategic plan. 

This is a full-service solution, but is only recommended if the organization does not have the capacity to dedicate the time needed to collaborate.


This solution is the most expensive solution requiring minimal involvement in your company's time.


Why don't you automatically recommend the Planner Solution?

  • While yes, our team would make more from this option, we believe collaboration realizes the most impactful and sustainable results.​ Sometimes organizations need this option, and it's a perfectly acceptable one when it meets the needs of the company. However, it can often cause a lack of buy-in from core team members needed to push the vision and objectives forward. 

Why do you give three options when you operate as Facilitators + Planners?

  • Many times companies want collaboration with our team but need options to meet their capacity. Providing options allows your team to determine the work you can commit to and what work is assigned to our team. These options include The Megaluno Solution, Gold Solution, and Silver Solution. 

What makes Megaluno's Strategic planning unique?

  • We believe in always leaving something better than we found it. Not only does our team provide strategic planning, we partner that strategy with strengths-based development, which ultimately results in strategies being implemented, measured, and evaluated successfully. We ask the hard questions that lead to stronger teams, stronger companies, stronger individuals, and stronger communities. 

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